Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sorry it has been so long!

     Sorry it has been so long but a lot has happened!!!  We've moved, moved again, lost 3 cats, gained 2 puppies, lost some teeth, started homeschool, ect.  As you can see quite busy!!!  I also do not have internet at home...nope none there!  Only bills we have are electric, cell phone, water and a storage unit...but without any employment it is still a stretch...

     About our kitties: Storm, Vali & Hela aka Spawn...well...
Storm and Hela got taken by coyotes...:( and poor Vali got into daddy's fan under his hood in the middle of the night...right before he had to leave :(. I do miss them horribly.

     New puppies:  we rescued a small chihuahua which is my 10 year old daughter's now.  Her name is Calypso.  My oldest that lives with her grandmother got her brother Zeus.  Calypso is what I think resembles a rat needing some serious ADHD medication!  They both had very rough starts before they were rescued!!!  Fleas, missing hair, starving, worms, cuts, gashes, I said very rough!  Calypso thinks our dachshund Bailei is her bestie...she just tolerates her though...barely!  Our other newest addition is Aries. A 8 month old Great Dane/Mastiff mix and he is huge!  He thinks he is the size of a chihuahua.  Seriously!!!  This dog does not realize that when he stands on his back legs he is taller than my husband!  He loves Bailei...I'm glad she is way too short and he is way too tall!!!  Bailei just tolerates him.  Bailei has a best friend in the form of my 2 year old daughter!!!

     I also mentioned we moved twice...first to my in-laws...then to our own land in a 30 ft camper!  Yes with all those kids!  And all those dogs...  It's been crazy to say the least...

     We've also started homeschooling...well me and the kids!  I didn't realize they were so bright so I got the grades they would have been in regular public school...well a couple have almost finished everything I had for them!!!  So I am trying to figure out what to do next.  I've been saving gift cards I got from swagbucks yo buy stuff using them.  I could use help...feel free to sign up under me.  I get 10% match of what you get???so if you make 100 points they are nice and give me 10 as a thank you...but not any of your points!  By chance here is my referral:
Please if you can!!!  I've made $20 last month and only have internet access maybe once a week and I made all that by spending $000000000!!!!!!!  Which is my favorite part!!!  

     I guess I am gonna head out for now...I will write more when I get back online!!!