Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sorry it has been so long!

     Sorry it has been so long but a lot has happened!!!  We've moved, moved again, lost 3 cats, gained 2 puppies, lost some teeth, started homeschool, ect.  As you can see quite busy!!!  I also do not have internet at home...nope none there!  Only bills we have are electric, cell phone, water and a storage unit...but without any employment it is still a stretch...

     About our kitties: Storm, Vali & Hela aka Spawn...well...
Storm and Hela got taken by coyotes...:( and poor Vali got into daddy's fan under his hood in the middle of the night...right before he had to leave :(. I do miss them horribly.

     New puppies:  we rescued a small chihuahua which is my 10 year old daughter's now.  Her name is Calypso.  My oldest that lives with her grandmother got her brother Zeus.  Calypso is what I think resembles a rat needing some serious ADHD medication!  They both had very rough starts before they were rescued!!!  Fleas, missing hair, starving, worms, cuts, gashes, I said very rough!  Calypso thinks our dachshund Bailei is her bestie...she just tolerates her though...barely!  Our other newest addition is Aries. A 8 month old Great Dane/Mastiff mix and he is huge!  He thinks he is the size of a chihuahua.  Seriously!!!  This dog does not realize that when he stands on his back legs he is taller than my husband!  He loves Bailei...I'm glad she is way too short and he is way too tall!!!  Bailei just tolerates him.  Bailei has a best friend in the form of my 2 year old daughter!!!

     I also mentioned we moved twice...first to my in-laws...then to our own land in a 30 ft camper!  Yes with all those kids!  And all those dogs...  It's been crazy to say the least...

     We've also started homeschooling...well me and the kids!  I didn't realize they were so bright so I got the grades they would have been in regular public school...well a couple have almost finished everything I had for them!!!  So I am trying to figure out what to do next.  I've been saving gift cards I got from swagbucks yo buy stuff using them.  I could use help...feel free to sign up under me.  I get 10% match of what you get???so if you make 100 points they are nice and give me 10 as a thank you...but not any of your points!  By chance here is my referral:
Please if you can!!!  I've made $20 last month and only have internet access maybe once a week and I made all that by spending $000000000!!!!!!!  Which is my favorite part!!!  

     I guess I am gonna head out for now...I will write more when I get back online!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Making $ while you just sit around the house!

     I'm going to start off by saying...I am not getting paid to write this or getting anything out of this other than helping anyone who doesn't know about how.  I'm learning by trial & error here myself.  Lately I've been mostly trying two places.  I've gotten Gift cards from one but haven't on the other yet.

     This first one I've actually gotten gift cards from as that's what I chose to get.  They have tons of rewards to choose from though...I just prefer amazon gift cards to save for things I want or for kid's birthdays.  Here is the link:
Swagbucks is a fun way to earn free stuff!!!

     The second place that I've been trying but is so slow that I haven't gotten anything from yet is Bing Rewards!  You can give it a try too though.
 Bing Rewards!!!
Give it a try!!!

Ill post more later one when I find or thing of other places!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free 8X10 Collage at Walgreens!!!

Free 8x10 collage from Walgreens

     I ordered mine and it is completely free if you choose in store pickup!  If you ship to your home I think its around 99 cents...still not bad but free is free!!!  Deal good til Saturday!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet Vali "Big Boy"!!!!!

     I wanted to share one of our pets.  This is "Big Boy" Vali (named after one of the Greek God Loki's children...long story we had the best cat ever years ago guessed it...Loki!)

     I rescued him with his brother that you will meet later (along with my other babes)...when he was found he was covered in fleas (thousands!!!) and had the worst case of worms ever and seemed to be starving to death!  Now he's a big baby who is healthy, happy and sleepy obviously lol.

     So don't you think I have the prettiest boy?  I do but I'm partial to him lol.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Updates, Life & Kids...and Suspicious Behavior...

     I haven't updated in a bit.  I do apologize...been a bit busy.  So updates:  weather is crazy here!  20 one day and 70 the next.  Sometimes it doesn't even wait a day at times it from morning to afternoon to night.  And that means...sick kids! Spring Break is this week.  I've been helping my oldest one practice softball...catching, hitting, ect.  Not much has happened here...made my husband fire up the grill last night!!! (Sausages, chicken, steak...yummmmm!). Went to Walmart yesterday and  Hero got a glove that will fit and a batting helmet with a face mask.  I played softball and we didn't have face masks on our batting helmets...we just watched out and didn't get hit.  I played hind-catcher so I got hit with balls & the occasional bat (not always accidental some people didn't like trash talk but we were informed to do it).  Anyways...when I went to town yesterday I completely forgot to pickup my son's medicine and order Princess' cake since her party is Saturday.  I am so far behind!!!  All had to go get my mom off the road the other day...her clutch went out when she was almost turning into her mile long driveaway.  My dad bought a new ranger (ATV) and he is loving it!!!
     I also forgot (I think) to update on monkey's checkup.  She had another ear infection but he says she is too little for her age.  33 inches tall and 22.50 lbs. at 2 years old.  So he wants me to make her gain weight (since I can't make her get taller) and come back in 3 months!  If she hasn't gained weight then he wants her to see a specialist.  I just figure she is like my 8 year old (she's smaller than her 6 year old brother) or my great aunt (she's 80) she has just now made it to 130lbs & is 5'2".  My mom, my grandmother, my grandfather, my bio dad and I are all tall...over 5'7".  My mom was 100lbs til she got older or pregnant.  I was 120lbs til I had 5 kids but even now I'm still between 135-140lbs. Princess is up to my chest at almost 10 and weighs 64lbs. So I think its just her...she'll be little!  But you know how dr.s are...  She doesn't eat a lot we offer her food nonstop but never hardly eats!  She refuses meat except potted meat or turkey sandwiches.  She will chew it up (if she even touches it) then she spits it back out!  It's like she gets the flavor but nothing else which he says isn't good!  I hope she gains she we don't have to see a specialist in June.  Oh and I forgot the nurse went to take her vitals like weight and height and that child is soooooooo antisocial would have thought she was getting a shot or something!  Dr says that's just her personality...but I don't know.
     On to the I said its Spring Break...but I have 2 grounded!  CrazyHorse was suspended off the bus from Thursday til the 24th...but then Friday at 2 I got a call and since I wouldn't let them paddle him or send him to ISS (Honeybun's bully's mom is over it) then he got 1 day suspension.  Then at 2:15 I got another call about Princess (whom has never been in trouble at all) saying the same day suspension. She tried to get me to take my kids off the do jot paddle list but I didn't budge since when her husband was principal last year and honeybun got her one & only paddling ever he held her hands down while someone else did it and never called me (it says they are to call before or try something else no drastic first which they didn't and they are not suppose to hold any part of the child which they did in the school district handbook).  So my kids are on there for a reason and they'll stay matter how much she keeps trying to get me & my husband to change our minds.  My kids don't like school much anymore which is sad considering they use to cry even if they had to get checked out even 5 minutes early.  If I had the cash & patience they'd be homeschooled.
     Now...suspicious behavior...not my crew...the neighbors across the road in the woods.  Couple months ago I called the cops (sheriff since its out in the county) because the teen girl was down here across the road at the old house place (think falling in, ect) with her friends looking for something in the woods.  Whatever it was they found it and then 2 of the boys started fist fighting over it.  (Same teen girl who rode up and down the road checking all of our mailboxes) (same family that use to live here're and they had a man hunt after the guy that was here was high on drugs, beat the lady and went on he he run in the woods)...but back to last night.  I called the cops about 11pm about flashlights all in the woods and a vehicle parked over there (they tore the you down yesterday and burned it and covered it owners...anyways nothing is left but a fallen in shed and a storm shelter and the trachoe  the construction people used) so the cops came maybe 30 minutes later (yeah...same thought...) anyways they got loud with here and about 20 minutes later she left and never came back but they knew we called because they kept kept shining their lights at my house...but I called because I didn't want the trachoe to get stolen and it was weird due to they were looking in the he ss same me area that the teen girl had with the earlier occurrence.  They were putting stuff in the heir vehicle out of the he woods and such too.  They finally left about 3am.  I didn't go to sleep til they left but would you not consider that weird and suspicious behavior?
     That's really all that's been happening except for working around the house and yard work and such.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The present pictures!

Tiny might lalaloopsy doll

Her Lego animals!

Told you the doll was adorable!!!

Rough Day...

     I had a rough day.  One of those days nothing went right.  My CrazyHorse (severe ADHD) was suspended off the bus for biting which he had never done before for 10 days.  Today was day 2 of his 10 days.  We've been up there at least 5 times for the little girl he bit being mean and hitting him with nothing happening to her (she's a lot older than 4 years...) she punched him in the face first so he bit her knowing she wouldn't get into trouble but he got into trouble.  Anyways...back to today!!! Well today he and another little hoy hit a girl in his class because she annoyed him by always chasing him (he's been punished by us for) so he got suspended (can't go to ISS due to Honeybun's bully's mom being the ISS teacher). I got that call at 2pm.  Almost end of the day so since Monday starts spring break he will not go back that Monday after.  Well I thought my day wouldn't get worse but I was 2:20pm the school was calling me back...about Princess...(whom has never ever been in trouble before). I was informed since she couldn't go to ISS due to the teacher over ISS she would also be suspended for the day CrazyHorse was suspended too.  She deserved hers for her attitude problems even though her teacher hates her because of her older sister (well both her teachers do).    I do not know what has gotten into them.  Princess has ADHD too but still...but to top my day off ... Monkey was horrible!!!  She even ripped my poster on my bathroom door into pieces which I had to piece back together with was not a great day!!!  Or the great start to spring break.  Princess also turns 10 the day before school starts back (suspension day). I guess the day could have been worse if I had gotten calls on the other two.
     Anyone have one of these days lately?  Anyone know what could be the cause? Nothing has changed!!!