Friday, March 7, 2014

Rough Day...

     I had a rough day.  One of those days nothing went right.  My CrazyHorse (severe ADHD) was suspended off the bus for biting which he had never done before for 10 days.  Today was day 2 of his 10 days.  We've been up there at least 5 times for the little girl he bit being mean and hitting him with nothing happening to her (she's a lot older than 4 years...) she punched him in the face first so he bit her knowing she wouldn't get into trouble but he got into trouble.  Anyways...back to today!!! Well today he and another little hoy hit a girl in his class because she annoyed him by always chasing him (he's been punished by us for) so he got suspended (can't go to ISS due to Honeybun's bully's mom being the ISS teacher). I got that call at 2pm.  Almost end of the day so since Monday starts spring break he will not go back that Monday after.  Well I thought my day wouldn't get worse but I was 2:20pm the school was calling me back...about Princess...(whom has never ever been in trouble before). I was informed since she couldn't go to ISS due to the teacher over ISS she would also be suspended for the day CrazyHorse was suspended too.  She deserved hers for her attitude problems even though her teacher hates her because of her older sister (well both her teachers do).    I do not know what has gotten into them.  Princess has ADHD too but still...but to top my day off ... Monkey was horrible!!!  She even ripped my poster on my bathroom door into pieces which I had to piece back together with was not a great day!!!  Or the great start to spring break.  Princess also turns 10 the day before school starts back (suspension day). I guess the day could have been worse if I had gotten calls on the other two.
     Anyone have one of these days lately?  Anyone know what could be the cause? Nothing has changed!!!