Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Making $ while you just sit around the house!

     I'm going to start off by saying...I am not getting paid to write this or getting anything out of this other than helping anyone who doesn't know about how.  I'm learning by trial & error here myself.  Lately I've been mostly trying two places.  I've gotten Gift cards from one but haven't on the other yet.

     This first one I've actually gotten gift cards from as that's what I chose to get.  They have tons of rewards to choose from though...I just prefer amazon gift cards to save for things I want or for kid's birthdays.  Here is the link:
Swagbucks is a fun way to earn free stuff!!!

     The second place that I've been trying but is so slow that I haven't gotten anything from yet is Bing Rewards!  You can give it a try too though.
 Bing Rewards!!!
Give it a try!!!

Ill post more later one when I find or thing of other places!!!