Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's Get To Know Each Other!

Let's get to know one another!!!  So here we go:

20 things about me:

1. I love to read!!! I prefer young adult paranormal, adult paranormal or books like Nicholas Sparks.
2.  I have OCD.  I do things in threes most of the time but do it I multiple times since it has to equal an even number.  Weird...maybe...not to me...
3.  I have 5 beautiful babies and 1 angel baby!
4. I married my 4th grade sweetheart!
5.  My favorite cartoon is Courage the Cowardly Dog.  I also enjoy Scooby Doo, Charlie Brown and a few others.
6. Shows I'm addicted to: True Blood, Haven, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Twisted, Hemlock Grove, The Lying Game, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy...maybe I forgot one or two...
7.  I completely made up a couple of my kids names.  Two were named after someone I love, one my husband named after a Maury's baby daddy show, one has a name after a prayer, and 2 of my kids have 3 names instead of 2 (not including my angel baby whom's first name was after my stepfather in a way).
8.  I am my mother's youngest child and my biological dad's oldest child and my stepfather's youngest.
9.  I'm a girl gamer.  I have a wii (2 actually), a wii u, xbox 360 (have 2 but first is shot & way old), ps3, and 3 Nintendo dsis of the kids I can use...
10.  I love Zombies!!!  Not the stupid fake ones...lol.  I like the ones you could actually see being real.  Sad part is I do believe zombies could one day become a "real" thing due to all the things put into our air, water, food, medicines, etc...
11.  My favorite games are zombie games even though I like other games.  So far I loved the left 4 dead games and dead island games.  I do like the borderlands games also but prefer the first to the second.  I have been playing my kids skylander game though.  I use to be addicted to kingdom of hearts and castlevania.  I also love Mario games!!!  Also I'm a jeopardy fan but no one will play it with me and due to no tv I can't watch it.  Anyone play on ps3?
12.  I subscribe to netflix.  I did hulu but didn't like it.  I like netflix even if I have to wait for new tv seasons and I don't get every show I like.  I do not subscribe to cable, satellite or anything else...I do not even get local channels...my mom or in laws call if I need to know something I can't find on the internet.
13.  My kids watch movies on vudu with codes my mother or in laws give me or that I win on listia.  I will accept donations though...lol.
14.  I'm a red head...naturally as is my mom and my mom's other daughter and Princess does too.  We get it from my grandfather...(my mom's&j dad)...but my biological father's family is from Ireland and Scotland originally...so I'm getting it honest lol.  (Only 1 of my 5 have red hair so far...)
15.  I was bullied in school due to red hair, freckles, glasses and not wearing the name brand things everyone else did...
16.  I have an iPad, laptop, htc one x but I prefer my ipad2 and haven't been on my laptop in years...it just sits there but its so old and so slow.  I love my phone too though but not like my ipad2.
17.  Favorite drink: sweet tea and Mountain Dew.  Dr. Pepper makes me sick so I can't drink very much and I'm allergic to Hawaiian punch.  I dislike cream soda and root beer.
18.  Favorite food hands down is tacos.  I love Mexican food and Cajun food.  I do love boiled crawfish also. Yummm I'm hungry now!
19.  I love freebies, coupons, thrift stores and pawn shops.  I usually forget to use the coupons though.  I also love to take surveys for money when I can or do product tests!!!
20.  Last but not least: I am addicted to hay day on my iPad, fuzzy pajama pants, flip flops, blue jeans, hoodies, pretty purses & wallets, among other things...

Few more freebies...(I love freebies did I mention that?)
1. Fav movies: dazed & confused, sweet home alabama, scooby doo, boondock saints 1...just to name a few...also love anything Adam Sadler or Morgan freeman...also super hero marvel movies...
2. Favorite band: green day (my children even sing along), hank jr., Lynard skynard (old not new), dr,. Hook, eminem, ludacris...etc.
3.  Fav color: green...not poop green.
4.  Fav number: 33
5. I use to play basketball and softball.  I can also ride a 4 wheeler pretty good and can fish with the boys...but I don't like outside much lol.
6.  Fav author as a child: r.l. Stine but not goosebumps!!!
7.  I love to color!!! I've won coloring contests as a child and taught one of my nephews to color and he won a few too!
8. My mom's son has done multiple tours in the war and could go back at any time since he is still full time national guard.
9.  My grandfathers were in different wars along with other members of the family.  My moms dad, my stepfather's dad, my real fathers dad, my father in law, my brother in law, my husband, etc.
10.  I can count on one hand the amount of actual "friends" I have...I talk to them each maybe a few times a year even the ones that live close.  I just prefer to be a loner.

Ok that's it.  Hope you enjoyed or can relate.