Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome everyone!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my blog.  I'm new to this but hopefully I'll learn as I go and this won't be too painful for everyone to have to read.  I'll start by introducing myself to everyone:

     Hi! I'm Amy and I'm 31 years old...(I tell my kids I'm still 30...& probably always will because I forget my age at times so I automatically say 30).  I was born in a small town in Alabama where the hospital is still is but they do not deliver babies anymore.  I lived in Alabama til I was roughly 3 when my mom met and married my wonderful stepdad then moved to Mississippi to a smaller town that I hated til I moved when I was 16 years old.  Then I moved to a much smaller town that still to this day does not have a stop light.  I've moved around, had babies and gotten married since then.  I had a miscarriage when I was 16...baby Jeremiah Andrew.  I dropped out of high school but after years of public school and home school I gave up and got my GED and graduated in the year I would have in high school.  I had my first daughter a year later a month before I turned 19. My now almost teenager (will be in July)...I'll refer to her as "Hero" which my husband called her.  6 months later her Godfather died...I think of him all the time since he was a big part of my life & my stepdad's&j cousin.  I got married in 2002, a year later, to my grade school sweetheart...(4th grade sweetheart).  Then my "adventures" began...
   My husband joined the Army and left for basic training & AIT 5 months after our first daughter together was born.  I'll refer to her as "Princess".  After 4 months my husband graduated AIT & we moved to Louisiana, where we stayed for 2 years.  During the stay there we had our second daughter together.  I'll refer to her as "HoneyBun".  We came "home" and stayed with my in laws while we found a place...which was another small town with nothing.  We had our son...my "CrazyHorse".  6 months later my grandmother died...my beautiful lovely grandmother.  (I never met my real father's parents due to them dying years before I was born...also my biological father is not a part of my life or my children's lives).  When my son was 1 we moved to the next town over to a much bigger house to rent and closer to my college.  We lived there awhile but a year later finally moved to the town I was born in...which is where my college was but my husband had started attending on his GI BILL so we needed to be close.  I also worked while attending college and taking care of kids but we struggled.  My husband and I separated.  I let him have the kids one weekend I had to work and I didn't see them again for over 8 months...the longest hardest of my life by far!  I drank a lot, worked a lot, dropped out of school, and got a boyfriend just in spite.  My husband stole my car in the middle of the night so I moved in with that guy and his parents...drank even more, cried harder, dealt with being hit...figured I deserved it...tried to leave 3 times...got threatened with lies...but eventually I left-pregnant in the middle of the night with only my clothing.  I left everything else I owned at that house where I guess it still is...I didn't even get all my clothing, tv, cover, pillow, etc. but oh well...I got out.  My husband & I got back together and moved to our new rental home & 5 months later we had our daughter...who I'll refer to as "Monkey".  When she was a year old our landlord offered us a 3 bedroom (we were in a 2 bedroom) for the same price...so we took it and we are still here a year later.  My stepfather's grandfather "pawpaw" died last week.  My kids are hating school (same school I moved to at 16 & dropped out of) and ask me daily to please homeschool them.  I've left out a few things that I'll now fill in about my kids.
     Hero stays with us 1/2 the time but lives with my parents right down the road because she's spoilt rotten by them.  Hero has ADHD, ODD, & bipolar disorder.  Princess had trouble as a baby but has outgrown most sleep apnea, breathing & stomach issues but still has asthma and ADHD.  Honeybun goes to Shriner's children's hospital for issues...so far we have had these diagnosis: internal femoral ante-version, tibia torsion, patella misalignment & hyper elasticity of her body.  We are hoping to not have surgeries when she is 12 (min will be around 12-14 surgeries we are told).  She had a full mouth rehabilitation at age 4.  She is bullied daily and has trouble due to this.  CrazyHorse has severe ADHD...even on medicine.  A few months back a dr. He saw from birth jerked him off all meds at once and he almost had a heart attack due to withdrawals at age 6.  Luckily no lasting damages.  He goes to a new dr. now!  He was tongue tied but had corrective surgery at 9 months old. Monkey will be 2 this week.  She had lots of issues as a baby.  Skin issues and stomach issues were the worst!!!  Her eczema has almost completely resolved itself and she still has few stomach issues but its a long way from specialty formulas and not being able to drink any milks and full GI TRACT scopes, C DIFF diagnosis, full allergy tests and etc.  now she has a few issues with milk but nowhere close to before.  She's got more energy than any of the others even CrazyHorse...lol.  But I love them all and they are my life and my husband's life!
     Now I'll tell you a bit about my husband: He is 33...soon to be 34.  He was medically discharged from the United States Army due to knee arthritis and deafness.  He is a disabled veteran.  He's a welder...only thing he's done since high school other than years in Army.  He was hurt at work but I can't talk about that as of right now...sorry :(.
   But that's our life together...with 5 crib midgets...in the country...in a rented mobile home...but we are happy even if we struggle right now.